Funny Fish Tap

Cheerful and entertaining game for children. You have to catch fishies by tapping on them. Fishes swims at different speed and has different sizes The background changes every moment. In each level, you have to catch all the fishes. In the new stages there are new fishies.
Simple effects like bubbles and waves on the water adds some variety to the game.

The game has locked back button to prevent kids fromleaving the game easily. To exit to the main menu you have to press the menu button and Exit.

The game is dedicated to MJ – you wanted fishies so there they are 🙂

– 21 different fish,
– low level of difficulty,
– For children aged 2 to 3 years,
– Simple and colorful graphics
– happy music

DoneWhole game
EngineFusion 2.5
SoftwareGIMP, Inkscape, Audacity

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