A game inspired by classics such as Battle City (NES), Battle Bull (GB), Robbo (Atari) and Alien Breed (PC). First concept was about 1 vs 1 tank battles on a closed blocky arenas with following ideas:

  • Bullets bounces off the walls unless they hit something important as tank or a base. The more you shoot the more dangerous the game becomes (as you can be hit by your own bullets).
  • Some of the walls can be pushed. If tank gets under “flying” wall it gets destroyed.
  • 1 vs 1 games with level editor that supports minimum 3 gamemodes.


First version of the game was made in Game Maker in 2004 and it didn’t look well. Still it had split-screen option, easy to use (and working) level editor and very dynamic gameplay so I think it’s worth mentioning it.

Second version was made with Construct Classic. It had multiple gamemodes, quite nice explosions with cool shockwave effect, new level editor where player could place all elements available in the actual game. I was planning also singleplayer mode but didn’t finished it.

In 2013 and 2015 I made 2 versions of this concept but focused on a singleplayer. This time it was made with Construct 2 engine in HTML5 as browser games. It uses quite a lot of interesting techniques, such as particle effects with additive blending, and boolean summation for dynamic wall joining. The opponents’ artificial intelligence is based on FSM, and the physics uses Box2DJS (which is a Box2DFlash port for Javascript).

DoneWhole game
EngineGame Maker, Construct Classic, Construct 2
SoftwareGIMP, Inkscape, Audacity

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