The game

Quick abstract arcade game that requires good reflex and dexterity but sometimes patience and precision.  You control round being that has to avoid Bad Red Shapes. Those enemies will try to cut, smash, shoot, explode, crush, wreck, burn or shatter you – so be quick and careful. Collect all keys to unlock blockades and find teleport to next level.

  • Fast gameplay (for 1 or 2 players on one screen)
  • Top down 2D view
  • Short levels – you’ll die a lot (48 campaign levels and 40 multiplayer maps)
  • Lots of enemies with different behaviors
  • Simple controls (keyboard + gamepad support)

Abstraverse (home to peaceful round beings) has been attacked by Bad Red Shapes. Good Circles have to crush Red Leader – the brain of all Bad Red Shapes to save their world. Yeah, that’s it.

In singleplayer campaign you have to get thru all levels. Every scenery has 12 levels and a big boss at the end. The campaign comprises 48 levels.

You can play all campaign levels together with a friend in coop. All levels are unaltered (enemy number in each level) but will it be easier? You both have to survive and get to the level teleporter.

2 players  (blue & green) playing on one screen in challenging survival race. Your goal is to survive last or collect 5 stars. After every match the next level is picked up by random.

Project history

Pyk is an outcome of couple my game ideas made in past years.

First project with this idea was KnaK. This is one of those banal games made quickly, which, however, entertained me and my friends for the longest time. KnaK was created in 2006, during 2-hour classes at the university and refined on the same day in the evening – additional levels and saving the best result for each level. The game served us during the exercises at the university as a “time filler”. It allowed one to four players to play simultaneously on one computer.

The full title of this game is KnaK (“Kulki na Kwadraty” – “Balls on Squares” in polish). It takes place in an enclosed space where players escape squares from the balls. These balls are constantly appearing, so it gets harder over time. The player who survives the longest wins.
20 regular levels and 5 races are available to players. On the racing maps, in addition to standard squares, balls and walls, there is a bomb. The player who first reaches her and activates her – destroys all opponents.

In 2010 I modified this idea onto onlie challenge project – Avoider. It was an online Flash game available on nonexisting yet Mochimedia platform. It was a dynamic arcade game that required good reflexes. Your goal was to avoid red opponents and collect green circles. You could run training levles, then play CHALLENGE and compete with players from around the world, thanks to the online Mochimedia scoreboard.

There were bonuses appearing every third ball (temporary cover, shocking and destructive current, armor regeneration).
There were 5 types of opponents behaving differently – some move in a random direction, others follow a set route, and others try to reach the player. In the final level, bosses appear every ten seconds (3 different kinds).

In 2015 I decided to develop this idea into sinfleplayer experience – Avoid’em. It was an online HTML5 game where players aim is to collect all orbs in the level in order to proceed to the next one. 


I made 14 levels until I dropped the project. It was the baseline for current Pyk – developed in 2019.

DoneWhole game
SoftwareInkscape, GIMP, Audacity

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