Hello there

My name is Rafał Kowalski. I'm game designer and developer since 2002.

I’m passionate about games and their development at every stage, from concept-making and design, through development to testing and gameplay balancing. Most of all I love prototyping new features and level design. 

I mainly use Unity, Godot and Construct 2. I’m amazed at Unreal Engine 5 technology. I’m also interested in other tools available on the market such as Fusion, GDevelop, Defold, Game Maker.

I’m a certified Unity Game Developer:

You can find me there:

Stuff that I do

Game Development

I’m a game designer, game developer and project manager with over 15 years of experience. I have worked as solo indie games developer and as development team leader (programmers, art, designers, QA) with teams up to 22 people.

I have completed many hobby and commercial projects for different clients (Digital Virgo, RTB House, One2tribe, McGraw Hill Education, QED Games, Crank Goblin, 180heartbeats) on various platforms (PC, browser and mobile) and game types (indie, hypercasual, casual, arcade, educational and advertising games).

I had the opportunity to both lead and participate in complete production cycles:

  • Concept and Game Design Documents
  • Prototyping and development (mostly C# in Unity)
  • Game and level design
  • Development tests and balancing
  • Development lead, work coordination and support (programming, graphics, design, music, QA, marketing)
  • Porting and optimizing games for mobile

Project Management

I have been working as an IT project manager since 2007. I was responsible for business analysis (requirement gathering, task decomposition and budgeting); Design (UX, functional documentations, app flow and prototypes); Managing projects and development teams. Projects on various platforms: Browser based services (eg. Symfony 2, HTML5, React, python), Android and iOS. I managed projects with an internal development team and supervising cooperation with external subcontractors. Lately, as a VP of Engineering in QED Software I was supervising engineering division with departments: AI Development, Game Development, Art & Design, QA; Developed and implemented of new workflows and company procedures.

Other Hobbies

I am also interested in films, comics, futurology and fantasy. Apart from playing on PC, NES and GBA emulators, whenever I find a moment I play chess, role-playing and board games. On weekends I'm fragging in ASG games, play table tennis or basketball. I'm also a cheap beer connoisseur.

Air Soft Gun

I’m playing ASG from about 12 years. I started with a MP5SD3 then I played for a long time with GP M4. Currently from 3 years I’m running with ICS CXP M4 that can be quickly adjusted for CQB or mid-range firefights. I’m more into tactics, frags and gameplay than recreating some historical or real-life uniforms. 

During my childhood I red plenty of Spidermans, Hulks, Ghost Riders and Punishers. Recently, after many-years-long pause, I returned to this hobby. But after number of Marvel/DC volumes now I prefer non-superhero comics such as 100 Bullets, Kill or be killed or Oblivion Song.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Shootouts, exoplanets, portals or goblins – I love them all. I know by heart many classic movies as Aliens, The Thing, Terminator, Tremors or Robocop and I’m attending cinemas quite regularly so I’m up to date with latest ones. Less often but with comparable interest I read books. I’m a great fan of Metro 2033, Nighter and Frontlines.


Chess is the game of all times – no dubt here. I love playing this game despite I’m not very good at it. I’m playing mostly online on Red Hot Pawn, feel fee to challenge me: redhotpawn.com/chess-player/owiec

Role Playing Games

RPGs have bee part of my life since 90’s. I’ve played among others DND, Warhammer, Shadowrun, CP2020, WH40k, Starfinder and a plenty of homebrew RPGs. I’m also working on my own sci-fi RPG system.

Retro Gaming

As you may surmise I play a lot in video games (mostly on my PC). In my opinion timeless games are Fallout, Doom (original one), Quake, Tyrian, Transport Tycoon and Worms. I love Shadowgrounds, Neverwinter Nights, Witcher, Borderlands and recent Gears Tactics. 

Apart from PC games, I’m playing retro stuff on NES and GBA emulators on the best emulator friendly console / best gaming phone: Moqi Snail i7s.