The first commercial PC production released on Steam. Well received by players (Steam player reviews: Very positive).

Mooch is an arcade experience where player must rely only on his reflex and agility. Main protagonist is puppet Blink who starts dangerous mission to find soul pieces of his friend Tula. Watch your every step. Even passages that seem safe may hide deadly traps. The player controls Blink, a slave  in the Puppet Masters mine. The hero must get his friend back to escape to the “outside world”.

Watch out for every step. Even fragments that seem safe can hide deadly traps. Puppet Maters machines lurk around every corner, and the only way to survive is to outsmart them. Mooch is a skill game in which players must rely on their reflex, agility and tactical skills.


Hand-crafted graphics – game assets were hand drawn.
 Supported languages: English, Russian and Polish
• Players can use gamepad or mouse and keyboard
• Over 25 types of enemies and 9 dreadful bosses
• 3 unique worlds
• Different story endings dependant on player’s actions
• Special ending for hardcore players
• Secret passages
• Dark mood – grim levels, dead ends, narrow corridors, deadly traps

PlatformsSteam: Windows
DoneConcept, development, game and level design, audio
EngineConstruct 2

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