Take on the role of Caps Commander. Your mission is to exterminate enemy caps by throwing them out of table.
You have 3 battle caps available with whom you need to throw your enemy out of battlefield (table).

It’s the most interesting little game among that I’ve played. Once start, you’ll never to put it aside.


Missions takes place in 9 different areas, including office desk, watchmaker’s table, children’s table and kitchen table. On every table there are lying various objects which can block enemy attacks or just prevent your attacks. Under objects there are hidden bonus stars which can give you additional points.
At the beginning accuracy of your enemy is quite low but along with progress it raises and it becomes a real challenge.


In every turn you move with all your caps one after another.
To shoot using cap just stretch it and release. Your cap should hit the opponent’s cap to throw him out of the table.
You can zoom in and zoom out by pinching the screen. To move the camera just touch the screen and move your finger. To center the view, just double tap anywhere on the table.


Mission – play with AI player and unlock new tables
Local multiplayer – play with your friend on one device
Multiplayer online – play with people from whole world (Wi-Fi only because of GSM lags)


  • 9 different tables (various objects)
  • 54 addictive levels
  • Increasing levels of difficulty
  • Easy controls
  • Full featured physics of objects based on Box2D engine
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer
  • Hand drawn high resolution graphics

[..] Simple but efficient game. The mechanics boil down to very few rules, but it is very well executed, with good physics, colorful graphics and variety in the levels

 Alain Xalabarde, Google Play

[..] Unique & Really Cool Game! I love different types of games that r good and this one hits the mark for me. We used to play this game when we were kids.

  Anonim, Google Play

[..] Fantastico!!! Easy and humble, but fun to play with friends or alone if ur bored. 🙂 I like it a lot!

  Francesco Sannicandro, Google Play


PlatformsAndroid, iOS
DoneConcept, game design, level design, audio

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