My first game of my own. Aim of this abstract game is very simple – you have to get as high as possible, avoiding the red “obstacles”. You need to collect stars to get more points, but it is not worth collecting all of them at once. The fastest collecting points give the fewest points, while those with the longest collecting give the most points. The catch is that by collecting one type of star, you lose the other 2 types, so you need to have your own scoring plan.
From time to time there are bonuses that you can collect to: be able to shoot, have a shield protecting against red “obstacles” for a few seconds or activate a button to destroy all enemies.
As the player passes successive checkpoints, the player gains another 50 points, but the game speeds up by increasing the difficulty level.

DoneWhole game
EngineFusion 2.5
SoftwareInkscape, Audacity

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